Hello reader, welcome to this page. I am so glad you took the time to glance at my words.

My words are a cry for help, a journal, a throw at immortality, a distraction for my fear and a lonely attempt at communication.

Communication is something I can never do in person for I do not speak your language.

I am not like you, I am different.

You may find my words some of the strangest you have ever read, think me an alien, a freak in human form and an imposter in your realm.

For this I apologize, for I do not come to destroy, feast on your bones or drink from your skull.

I am not green underneath.

No one even realizes what I am.

Hopelessly lost…

My hope is that some of you may find some recognition and even learn something new, but even if you dismiss it without a further thought, it doesn’t matter…

By writing I reach out, I need this.

I want you to understand me.

I want me to understand me.

Strange as it is, writing has given me a purpose,

and if you made it to the end of this page, at least these words can never be unseen…